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Whether you are an SME looking for business solutions, an organization committed to renewable energy, or a large corporation seeking utility cost reduction, we have you covered.

As one of the largest energy consultancies in the UK, Direct Business Solutions can take the hassle out of business utilities with comprehensive utility management services.

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• Renewable Energy
• Account Management
• Energy Management
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• Additional Services

Focusing on reducing your footprint and increasing your savings, Direct Energy Solutions offer an industry leading customer experience while saving customers time and reducing energy costs.

• Compliance
• Energy Audits
• Energy Optimisation
• Building Management Systems
• Solar Energy

Forming the I&C/Public sector delivery suite of the group. Direct Trading Solutions analyse your data, evaluate your current energy strategy and deliver a forward solution.

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• Support
• Funding
• Live Data Management
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Streamlining your energy management process

How we, together, maximise efficiency and
sustainability for your business.
1. Discovery

Found the channel that's perfect for you? Fill out a contact form or call one of our specialists to initiate the process. Provide relevant information about your business and energy requirements, allowing us to understand your unique needs comprehensively.

2. Assessment

Our energy management experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your current energy usage, infrastructure, and operational processes. This evaluation will help identify areas of improvement and potential energy-saving opportunities.

3. Strategy and Implementation

Based on the assessment, our team will develop a tailored energy management strategy for your business. This may include recommendations for energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy solutions, operational adjustments, and employee engagement initiatives. We will work closely with you to implement the proposed solutions, ensuring a seamless transition and optimizing energy usage.

4. Monitoring and Optimization

After implementing the energy management solutions, we will continuously monitor your energy consumption, track the effectiveness of the strategies employed, and identify areas for further optimization.

Direct Trading Solutions
Immediate cost savings
despite the challenging market

Customised Purchasing Framework
Hedging Strategy
CHP Solution
Real-Time Asset-Level Submetering

When Kendal Nutricare approached us, they expressed their desire to transition to a stand-alone flexible purchasing strategy for energy procurement. Their previous provider had declined this request, prompting them to seek an alternative solution. Additionally, they were eager to gain insights into their energy consumption patterns across their facilities.

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A collection of factories providing diary products

Direct Business Solutions
Navigating the complex market
and securing protection

Contract Management
Renewal Protection
Charge Coverage
Long-Term Fixed Price

Discover how Direct Business Solutions helped RB Forgings Limited navigate the complex electricity market and secure long-term contracts with favourable pricing and protection against market fluctuations. By carefully timing the contracts and implementing bespoke terms, Direct Business Solutions ensured that RB Forgings Limited could avoid renewal at exorbitant costs and benefit from potential reductions in government charges.

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Direct Business Solutions
A success story in
academy trust partnership

SECR Assistance
Net Zero Consultation
Overcharges Identifcation
Energy Management

With a fixed 5-year contract in place, Direct Business Solutions, represented by the dedicated account manager, ensured that the trust was safeguarded against rising costs in today's unpredictable market. The collaborative efforts of Direct Business Solutions and the trust's sustainability initiatives have resulted in a sense of pride and accomplishment for both parties.

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Direct Business Solutions
Seeking a comprehensive
solution for a leading company

Energy Meter Consolidation
Extensive Tendering Process
Procurement Strategy
VAT Reduction and Levy Removal

As a family-run business operating across multiple sites with diverse energy meters and suppliers, the company encountered inefficiencies, excess costs, and difficulties in contract management. Direct Business Solutions implemented a comprehensive solution, consolidating meters, conducting an extensive tendering process, and optimizing energy procurement through a strategic approach.

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